Monday, September 21, 2009

Words: Blessing or Curse

We all speak to so many people through out our day...
But do we really hear what we are saying?
I have heard so many times to be mindful of what you say...
Your words leave a footprint on the heart of the one you are speaking to.

Our mouth is a very important part of us...not only does it feed us
the nourishment we need to stay alive...
But it also feeds others with words of
This can be such a blessing. But...

Not all food is good for our bodies...It can make us sick...cause damage to our vital organs...and just make us feel bad.
Thus, words that are spoken that are unkind...unloving..mean...discouraging.
This can be a curse.

Some do not realize the power of their words. They speak without a second thought to what they are giving to the other person. Be mindful of your words

1.Words are powerful
2.Words can heal
3.Words can hurt
4.Words can save a life
5.Words can take a life

I want to speak blessings to others. As humans it is difficult at times to really hear what we say...I am in no way saying that it is easy. But if everyone started today with just one kind word...The days following would get easier...more kind words would follow. So speak mindfully and leave a loving footprint on the heart of another today...

“Kind words will unlock an iron door.”
(Turkish Proverbs)


  1. Yes words are powerful. Too many people don't think about the words that come out from them before its too late.

  2. Yes...This is so true. That is why it is so good to think before we speak. I know sometimes it is hard to do. But with practice it does get easier.